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Karen Sue Smith

Coach, Author & Speaker

As I stepped into the journey of homeschooling my children, I found joy, frustration, and more choices than I could count filling my days.

As I prayed and searched, I found gems along the way that have brought daily sparkle to my family.  Each discovery helped me to uncover and understand the treasure inside each of my children.  

In my nineteen-year journey of teaching my children, I have had many failures and wrong turns.  If I had to do it all over again I would be more joyful and relaxed.  That is why it’s now my passion to pass onto you all the nuggets that God has downloaded to me.  I want to help your path be smoother, and full of hope for the future. 

There are answers when you are stuck, there is peace you can find in the midst of conflict.  There are wonderful things to explore and experience along the way!  Things that you will enjoy just as much, or maybe even more than your children!

My passion is also to help you strengthen your relationship with God, both as individuals and as a family.  I earned a Master of Divinity degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, which cultivated in my heart a deep love for God and His Word in my life.  I love creating contexts for all ages to grow in their ability to hear God’s voice and their relationship with Him.

I have also enjoyed finding solutions to complex learning problems through trainings I have completed with Brian Gym and SOI systems.  I have seen roadblocks disappear when the right key for each child is found and implemented.

I love teaching, coaching and mentoring.  No matter what your educational choice, I want to help you find the right path for you and your children.

Let me take your hand and show you the way!  Together we will find the next right step for you!

“Karen has always been there to listen to my needs and is the definition of a prayer warrior whose faith never wavers.

She also has encouraged me to focus on the musical creativity that God has graciously given to me, through using her own talents as an artist. And Karen’s spiritual strength and depth was evident when leading her cell group meetings. It was there that she helped me to get back on a path to following my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for which I will always be grateful!"

“Karen has been an invaluable resource for me over many years, coaching with both personal and business matters, always directing me in Godly ways that are based on Scripture.  She is an expert on human relationships and family dynamics and interactions.  I am so very blessed to have found her!”

"Karen always has one ear to heaven as she listens.  She has helped me gain fresh perspective and find solutions to my questions."

“Karen is full of wisdom and compassion. Her insights are not only helpful but provide encouragement through every stage of life!”

“Karen brings a creative touch to our times together.  She has connected me to resources that have benefited both me personally and my family.” 

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