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Then the Lord replied:

“Write down the revelation
    and make it plain on tablets
    so that a herald may run with it."

Habakkuk 2:2

Your Story Has Glory 

Dr. Karen Sue Smith

In this two page download you will discover the reason you should write!

I want to help your dream of becoming an author come true!


A Dream Come True!

In 2013 I celebrated my 25th anniversary of graduating form Tayor University.  In 1988 our Senior class had raised money to create a small garden on campus.  It was here where that we buried a time capsule that contained a packet from each graduating senior.

Unfortunately, the idea people planned this not the engineers so over the twently five years water had gotten in the storage bag and all the contents were wet!

Even though it was damp, I loved getting my items!  I had put a letter in my bag.  I had forgotten what I had written about my career desires. So I was surprised to read I wanted to be an author!!

I love that God had put that dream in my heart so long ago!   I have learned so much as I have written and self published my seven books!  I would now be honored to make your dream of becoming an author a reality! 

Taking You from Dream to Desk to Destiny

 There is a roadmap that you can follow that will help you to avoid mistakes and put you on a straight path to the completion of your book.

I would love to share with you what I have learned and help you to do the right steps in the right order. 

I look forward to speaking with you.  

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Dr. Karen Sue Smith

Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Dr. Karen Sue Smith has B.A. Degree in Psychology from Taylor University, and her Master of Divinity degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. In March 2022 she completed a Doctorate in Prophetic Ministry from Christian Leadership University. 

 You can find all my books on Amazon:

  • LEARNING TO PARENT IN THE LIGHT IN A DARK WORLD –  This book chronicles my journey through the pregnancy losses of my three babies in heaven.  It also contains what I learned about parenting and making each moment the best it can be. 
  • HOMESCHOOL SECRETS – Learn the five secrets that will ensure your success as you homeschool!  
  • LET'S GO HOW TO TAKE A FAMILY VACATION EVERYONE WILL LOVEIn this book, I share all my secrets and tips for taking a family vacation everyone will love and treasure forever! 
  • ENTER IN WITH THANKSGIVING –Learn the key to intimacy with God. 
  • ON LOCATION WITH GOD   Learn to hear the voice of God and discover how to use your surroundings to cultivate your relationship with God.
  • MOTIVATION TO MOVE – Moving is a gift that we can give our bodies! But what if moving could be also a way to grow deeper in your relationship with God? This book will show you how!
  • POWER IN PARTNERSHIP Learn how coaching is the secret sauce of success and then meet twelve coaches to find the one that works best for you!

What People Are Saying:

Sheri Conner

“Karen is full of wisdom and compassion. Her insights are not only helpful but provide encouragement through every stage of life!”

Jennifer Kang

“Karen brings a creative touch to our times together.  She has connected me to resources that have benefited both me personally and my family.” 

Mary Clark

"Karen always has one ear to heaven as she listens.  She has helped me gain fresh perspective and find solutions to my questions."

Sing with the heavens as the angels say holy is the Lord.

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